We are the Nerd Twins


What happens when a writer and an electrician take on the world of social media marketing?

Short answer: this. The Nerd Twins blog.

Longer answer: endless hours of skype conversations, screen sharing and exchanging of links; endless cups of tea and coffee, chain-smoking and late-night snacking; squinting, bleary-eyed, at our screens, unable to look away. Tentatively trying out phrases such as “value proposition”, “lead generation” and “twitter handle” and exchanging trivia on the use of hashtags; setting up new twitter accounts at 4am; revelations, lightbulb moments and video tutorials; landing pages and social media management platforms; being sucked into the vortex of WordPress and emerging, hours later, with a head full of code, wondering what day it is. Bold statements such as “I’m getting up now. I’m going to leave the house”, before spending another few hours fine-tuning our streams on Hootsuite. Fun. Lots of fun, and nerdiness.

We are, of course, much more than just a writer and an electrician; like all titles, these are used for convenience only. We are many different things and we’re changing all the time, but one thing we’re not is marketing professionals, social or otherwise. We are two amateurs with products to promote: a smartphone app, and a book. We are adventurers in the world of social media marketing. We are D and M; we are The Nerd Twins, and we will conquer this bitch, and make a million. Each.

M said to me last night: ‘You’re turning into a nerd before my eyes.’ I laughed; I’ve been a nerd all along.

‘This is my true nature,’ I replied. ‘I’m blossoming.’

Welcome to The Nerd Twins blog.